Currently mucking around in Cambridge, nominally doing law. I’ll post something at least every Wednesday. Most of the stuff I post will be excerpts from a longer thing I am working on.

I write in a variety of styles.

Feel free to comment.

One thought on “About

  1. Good afternoon.

    I just want to convey my deepest appreciation for the classical music videos you uploaded on your channel and especially the description and annotation you included in each of the video. It is rare to find someone who can describe the music in such eloquence and depth that helps even the untrained ears to appreciate the subtlety and nuances of complex pieces.

    I also had a quick glanced through many of your writings on this wordpress. While I am, unfortunately, not very well versed in politics nor philosophy, what I did manage to pick up from your various essays are fascinating stories and beautifully articulated thoughts of rationality that somehow, to my dismay and the disservice of society, are becoming ever-uncommon in the modern world. The advent of nCov-2019, surge in police brutality, the abuse of democracy by the ignorants to further their detrimental agendas, the widespread propagation and acceptance of “alternative facts”, the scapegoating of genuinely benevolent people for the sake of political trickery and general immorality of the world as it is right now pain me greatly. As such, occasional discovery of oases like your wordpress and channel, especially on the increasingly cynical internet, are nothing short of an reinvigoration for me.

    Kind regards,

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